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ยป Comics - Page 203 - January 17th, 2012, 2:38 am

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Author Comments:

Niki Lemonade, January 17th, 2012, 2:54 am

Thoughts on the ENDTIMES Part 1:
First I'll tell you guys about the characters, how they came about and how I feel about them. Amanda and Natalie were the first two that popped up in my head. Natalie was fun and vivacious and daring, but she was really insecure underneath all that bravado. I put a lot of myself into her, and into Zach too. But she's way more vocal about her needs and desires than I ever was (back then in high school). Amanda was what I wished I could be. All demure and ladylike and shit. She has a lot of strength, even if she has a hard time figuring out what she wants. She's viciously loyal too, knows how to hold a grudge. There was originally going to be a sort of love triangle between those two and Janis, but I decided against it because it seemed overdone. Instead, I let Janis be the desperate, "I need to fix this all on my own because I can't trust anyone" figure. She really does genuinely care about Natalie, but there's a lot of issues and anger wrapped up in that love, which she'll have to unravel if she ever wants to find happiness. Shayna...oh Shayna. I needed someone to prod at the other characters, someone to annoy the others into action, but who was detached from most of the action herself. She can see how much Janis is suffering, but also knows she's doing it to herself. Little bit of future info: she ends up at the same college as Natalie's dick older brother, and has a shotgun wedding with him. Natalie just counts this as another way that her brother pisses her off (anytime she wants to see her niece Grace she has to see Shayna too, dammit). Alyssa was another "Make shit happen" kind of character, but she has a lot of history with Leonard. They used to be really close, mostly due to Alyssa's crush on him (this would have been freshman year for them). But she was a lot of the reason the whole school found about Leonard's preference before he was ready, so she ended the friendship out of guilt. She hooked up with Zach for a while after that, but could tell something was up with him. So they decided to be friends instead.

Well, there's all the lady characters (not including parents/teachers). I'll yap on about the boys tomorrow. :D

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User Comments:

Marion-999, January 17th, 2012, 6:54 pm

I'm agree with Taiki, that's very nice of you to give us all that info! x3 Thx!!

muu, January 17th, 2012, 8:25 pm

I like the insight into the minds of the girls we get here!

Also, Amanda and Natalie's cuddle here makes my heart go pitter patter.LOL

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